Friday, June 19, 2015

Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

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Being the mascara junkie that I am, I never satisfied with the mascaras I have, even though I have a couple of favorites. Recently, I've been testing a fiber mascara, and the results blew my mind.

I'm talking about the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara by Younique. This mascara comes in a travel friendly case with a set of 2 tubes.

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In the set, you get a tube of transplanting gel, and a tube of natural fibers. The transplanting gel basically looks like ordinary mascara... maybe a little thinner in consistency. The fiber looks like a bunch of little black lint on a mascara wand. 

How do you apply? 
You can choose to curl your lashes or not, it's up to you. I like to curl my lashes because they're stick straight... then you apply a thin (emphasis on THIN here) coat of transplanting gel. While the gel is still wet on your lashes, apply the fiber by brushing the wand along the length of your lashes. Then, just repeat until you reach the desired results.
*Optional* You can start with a base of your favorite mascara if desired. I don't do this because it made my lashes look too clumpy for my liking. You can also use a lash comb your lashes start to look to spider-y.

Does It...?
There were lots of concerns I had regarding this fiber mascara, and you might too. So here are some of the concerns I had:

What is the fiber made of? 
Green tea! All natural.

I wear contacts, do the fibers fall into my eyes?
I've been testing this mascara for almost 2 weeks now, and I haven't encounter fibers falling into my eyes. The key is to be light-handed.

Do the fibers make your eyes itchy?
Not for me. I have sensitive eyes and I haven't experienced any discomfort.

Flaking or smudging throughout the day?
Nope! I was surprised to not have little fiber pieces all over my face at the end of the day. Sometimes I see little bits of fallout during application, but I just brush it off with my powder brush.

How is the removal process?
The mascara is not waterproof... it's water resistant. My preferred removal method is using eye makeup remover and a cotton pad and everything comes off.  It also comes off when I wash my face with my facial cleanser.

I can't believe how happy I am with the results. My lashes look fuller and longer than any other mascara has provide. Does this mean I'm ready to throw out all my other mascaras? Not quite. While the results are great, the application process can take sometime. If I'm running late, there's no way I'm taking the time to do the steps necessary to achieve the look I want. So I'll be holding on to my current favorite mascaras, but using the Moodstruck 3D mascara as often as I can.

I hope you find this review helpful! If you're thinking about getting the Younique Moonstruck 3D fiber lashes mascara, visit Nicole's link (

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