Friday, October 14, 2016

Deer Snapchat Filter Tutorial

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I'm pretty obsessed with their face filters. I find the deer filter especially cute and wanted to recreate it. So if you're in need of any quick costume ideas for Halloween, here's my tutorial for the Snapchat deer filter.


The makeup look is pretty simple to accomplish. Here's what you'll need:

For the look:
Orange cream makeup
White cream makeup
Black cream makeup
Cream bronze, preferably matte (optional)
Brown eyeshadow
Black liquid or gel liner

For the ears: 
Tan craft felt (2 or 3 sheets)
White craft fur (2 or 3 sheets)
Black paint or black sharpie
Hot glue gun
Headband or hair clips (2)

To start the makeup, I started with cream bronzer down the center of my nose, working it up my T-zone and fanning it out around my forehead. I chose to lay dow a base of cream bronzer because I was worried that the orange cream makeup was going to look too bright. The bronzer is an optional step and you can skip it if you'd like. Place the orange cream makeup over the bronzer and start blending out the harsh lines. Repeat the same steps for the apple of your cheeks.
For the nose area, use the white cream makeup and draw a triangle around your nose and let that dry and set.
You may need to go back and retouch the white and orange makeup as need, depending on the formula of the makeup. If it's water based, you'll definitely need to retouch.
Once the white makeup has dried and set, go ahead and use the black cream makeup to make a smaller triangle on the tip of your nose.
For the spots on your forehead, use a q-tip or the back of a brush to place white dots on your forehead. Be sure to use look at some snapchat filter reference photos for placement of the dots.
Moving on to eyes, I kept it simple by applying a medium brown eyeshadow all over my lids. I used a liquid liner to draw an exaggerated double wing, and added lashes.
To really open up the eyes, you can use nude or white liner on your waterline.

To make ears, take the tan craft felt and cut out 2 shapes. Something like this:

photo source:

You'll do the same with the white craft fur, but make sure to cut the shapes smaller than the tan felt. Once you're done cutting out the shapes for the tan felt and white craft fur, use your hot glue gun to glue them together. Wait for the glue to try, and the pinch the base of ears and hot glue that together. 
Cut out additional tan felt rectangles to attach each ear to a hair clip or headband. I opted for the headband because hair clips rarely stays put in my hair.

And voila! Your deer look is complete! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoy showing off this adorable look this Halloween.