Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Collective Haul

I've been trying to upload my April Collective Haul video for hours now and it's taking forever... so I'm in the process to edit the video into 2 parts so it uploads faster.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post pictures & mini review of some of the products.

ELF Cream Eyeshadow in Dawn

When I saw this at Target, I had to get it because I wanted to compare it to the Loreal Infallible shadows and the Maybelline 24hr Tattoo. I don't own any other colors that are similar except for the 24hr tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. Still, the color isn't an exact match. But I didn't buy it to compare color, I wanted to compare the consistency & wear-ability. Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as the Infallible or 24hr tattoo, but if you use primer it minimize the creasing & doesn't fade away as quickly. I also noticed that the Infallible/24hr Tattoo shadow go on much smoother than the Elf cream shadow.
Although this product isn't as long lasting, it's still a great buy at $3 each. The color is still very vibrant and as long as you use primer on your lids, you shouldn't have to worry about it creasing or fading.

Simple Soothing Facial Toner is awesome! Prior to this, I was using the Proactive toner (the one that came with the 3 step system). It worked ok but it would sting/burn a lot of the time... With the Simple toner, there's no tingling or burning, and it's perfume free. Once I started using this, I felt my skin becoming more smooth and even toned. I've also tried the Simple facial wipes which is just as good. I'm definitely repurchasing this toner once I run out.

Urban Decay's Build Your Own Palette- I was so excited when Urban Decay reformulated their eyeshadows. To top it off, I thought the BYO palette was a great idea. This is a palette that'll allow me to collect different shades over time, without having to go through the depotting process. I also own a z-palette, which I love and still use, but I'm a huge UD fan and love the newly reformulated shadows. This is pretty much the perfect product for me, haha. As you can see in the picture, I haven't purchased any of the new shadows yet. I only have the Walk of Shame (a nude/neutral shade that came w/it) and Sin in the original UD packaging.
You can put the original packaging shadows in there, but it doesn't pop in and out as easily as the new design. I wish that the palette could fit more than 6 shadows, but it's still convenient for traveling. Sometimes, with my Z-palette, but shadows pans slide around which can get a little annoying. I'm also on the fence about the shade that was made exclusively for this palette, Walk of Shame. Like I said, it's just another nude shade, which I have plenty of. I wish that UD would let the buyers pick their own shade OR have the option to opt out of having the Walk of Shame for a discount on the palette. Oh well... lol!
Final verdict is that I love it, and I can't wait to start collecting different colors!

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