Monday, August 22, 2016

My YoDerm Experience

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I've often wondered if I had easier access of a dermatologist when I was suffering from the worst break out of my life, would I have spared myself the heartache of looking in the mirror and hating what I saw? Maybe I wouldn't have experienced all the name calling or feel need to constantly hide my face under a ton of makeup.

Usually, seeing a dermatologist required an appointment and probably cost a pretty penny if your insurance didn't cover it. But what if you could do so without an appointment and whether or not you had insurance, from the comfort of your own home?
Check out YoDerm for yourself:

When I was first contacted by a rep at YoDerm to give it a try, I thought "Well, I'm not really suffering from acne anymore so why do this?" Sure, I breakout from time to time, but it's usually just 1 or 2 and goes away in a few days. Then I gave it more thought - what if this really worked but people didn't know about it? I decided to give it a go.

Full disclosure - I don't have an acne problem any more, with the exception of a couple of occasional breakouts, but when I do get them, it's always in the same spot (chin and forehead). I wanted to go through with the consultation so I can better understand how it worked, and how well it works.

What Is YoDerm?

To put it simply, it's a website that connect those who're looking for a solution to their acne with board-certified dermatologists. The dermatologists uses the photos you take, the info you provide to create a personalized treatment plan (usually includes prescription medication), without leaving your home! Oh, did I mention you can also do this on your phone?

How Does It Work?

Visit the YoDerm website ( and create an account. Begin the consultation by answer questions about your age, skin type, problem areas, and more. Snap a few photos of your face (or problem areas) and YoDerm matches you with a dermatologist. This takes only about 10 minutes! Your dermatologist will look over the photos and the info you provided and soon after you'll receive the recommended treatment prescription. Once you give your consent for the treatment, the prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy. 

What's the Cost?

The consultation fee for YoDerm is $59. Your prescription medication cost will depend on what type of medication you get and whether your insurance covers it or not. 

My Experience

This was so much easier than I thought. Like I mentioned earlier, you create an account to begin the consultation. I answered questions about my age, my skin type, the problems I encountered, and more. Then YoDerm asked me to snap 3 photos of my face - left and right profiles and straight on. You can do it with your smartphone, or use the webcam feature from the website (if you have webcam feature on your computer/laptop). You can also send more photos of the targeted area if you'd like. Once you're done with that, you're matched with a dermatologist. I was offered 2 choices. You can read the bios and reviews of each doctor before you decide.
Once I chose my dermatologist, all the info and photos are sent to them and about 24 hours later I received my treatment plan!
YoDerm also makes contacting your dermatologist extremely easy. For example,  I was prescribed a topical treatment that contained benzoyl peroxide and which I've had an allergic reaction to in the past (via Proactiv). I messaged the doctor with my concerns and she got to me just about an hour later with her suggestions.
Overall, the experience was pleasant and hassle free! YoDerm makes contacting your dermatologist extremely easy and convenient. The best part is that you never have to step a foot into a doctor's office. I also like that they give you some options for prescription that may be too expensive for some.

All in all, if you're have problematic skin and looking for a dermatologist who you can reach at any time, from the privacy of your home or smartphone. YoDerm is definitely worth looking into.
Check out YoDerm for yourself