Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beauty News with Wendy: Beauty Blender To Collaborate with Too Faced and Benefit Cosmetics

In this episode of Beauty News, I'm talking about a major collaboration between Beauty Blender and 2 cult favorite brands, BeautyCon LA finds a new home, and more!


Every year, beauty enthusiasts flock to BeautyCon to get a closer look at the latest makeup products, meet their favorite beauty youtubers, learn new tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artists, and of course shop to their hearts content. This year, BeautyCon is stepping up their game and moving the event from the LA Mart to the Los Angeles Convention Center! BeautyCon CEO Moj Mahdara says their expect 15,000 attendees, and have plans to expand the 1 day festivities to a full weekend. This year’s celebrity guest includes Tyra Banks, Sofia Vergara, Ashley Tisdale, and of course a plethora of beauty content creators. 
Tyra Banks will be hosting a breakfast for over 15 content creators, Sofia Vergara will introduce her fragrance, and of course Ashley Tisdale will be promoting her new makeup collection - Illuminate.
This year, BeautyCon will utilize social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram to bring fans live updates from the event.
BeautyCon is on Saturday July 9th - for more info, visit


Fans of Beauty Blender, Benefit, and Too Faced can expect something spectacular later this year. Beauty Blender is partnering up with both Benefit and Too Faced for 2 exclusive co-branded release later this fall. While mums the word on what exact this all-star collaboration will be, Too Faced co-founder and creative director Jerrod Blandino teased the collab on Instagram to announce the partnership. Just to be clear, this will be 2 sesparate collaborations, not 1 major one between all 3 brands.



Following the success of her lip contour. HubaBeauty took to her instagram to tease us with images of her next lip products - liquid matte lipsticks. There are 9 shades in this collection, and it seems to compliment the existing lip contour shades. No word on the price or an exact release date, but this collection is rumored to debut sometime in July.

This is a "shop" for me! Liquid matte lipsticks are totally in right now. Brands like NYX has the liquid suede, Smashbox has the Always On Matte lipsticks. With how popular the lip contours have been, I can see these selling out as soon as it hits the shelf. As far as the price goes, I'm guess it'll be between $19 to $24. 

ELF Beautifully Precise Collection

ELF is expanding their products beyond makeup and skin care. Their latest collection - named Beautifully Precise includes tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, and beauty sponges! Keeping in tune with their affordable prices, this collection ranges from $5 to $12 and can be found on their website

I "shop" this! I'm most interested in the crystal nail file and the 3-in-1 blemish extractor. 



I love exfoliating my face. My skin always feels super smooth and soft afterwards. While I've had success with my Clarisonic, I've not had much luck with the life of the device. After a year, it wouldn't hold a charge for more than a day then it pretty much kicked the bucket afterwards. I replaced it with an new one, and it had about the same lifespan. I decided to not spend my hard earned money on another Clarisonic, and luckily my husband bough me a Konjac sponge. I hadn't heard about the konjac sponge until that moment. 
The Konjac sponge is made from the fibers of konjac plant (some nickname it devil's tongue). It usually comes sealed in a moist pack. The consistence of the sponge reminds me of silicon an jello like. Once moistened, add your favorite facial cleanser and massage it onto your face. What I love about the sponge is that while it does exfoliate, it doesn't feel harsh or scratchy. I found it leaving my face soft and clean, and the sponge is soft enough to use daily. 

The konjac sponge I use is from The Face Shop