Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips

I know this product has been out for quite a while. I've been dying to try it but haven't because I didn't want to shell out $8.99 for it... Finally, I saw a couple designs on sale around Christmas last year so I picked them up! The design I got is glossy black with tiny glitter as well as bigger flecks of silver and blue glitter. It looks so pretty in the box!

 I've seen some online tutorial for putting it on, and it seems a little tedious so I put it off (mainly due to laziness, lol!). I finally got to it the other night and let me just tell you... it is not as easy as it looks to put these strips on your nails. I thought it would only take me about 10 minutes to finish, but it took me about 20 minutes. Way longer than if I were to just paint my nails. I don't know if it's because my nails are really short right now and they're kind of small, and that's why I had a hard time with it. 

 What's in the box:
Nail strips- individually sized for each nail. 
Nail file- for filing down the excess & smoothing the edges.
Wooden stick- to push back your cuticles

The instructions were pretty simple and to the point, and I followed it to the t. I started with clean nails and swiped nail polish remover before starting. After pushing back my cuticles, I started to apply the strips. Since they're individually cut out, you can hold each strip up to your nails and make sure they're the right size before starting. 
First you peel off the top clear protective cover off, then the backing. Now you're left with just the nail strip. Place that on your nail, and you can use the white side of the nail file to smooth out. Fold excess strip over the edge of your nail and file off. Then just repeat all the steps till you're done!
Like I said earlier, it sounds easy. But I had a really hard time with it. I think since it's a nail polish strip and not a nail design sticker (think Kiss nail dress), it was kind of sticky so that made smoothing out the nail strip a problem for me. The nail strips didn't really stick to my nail so when I was filing off the excess, it would move around a little and the design would get wrinkled... which was not good.

I actually had to remove the strip due to an interview (professional dress code and all), so after having them on for about 4 days, I got some nail polish remover and got to work. 
It took me so long to get them off! Maybe it's because I haven't had them on for very long, or maybe it's because it's black and has glitter on it... whatever the reason, it didn't want to come off, lol! 

Overall, I think the it's a great idea. Who doesn't want gorgeous or fun designs for your nails that you can do right at home? However, with all the problems I encountered- application process, strips not sticking on my nails, design getting wrinkled, removal- I don't think I'd buy any more Salon Effects nail strips. It's a shame because there are so many designs I still want to see on my nails... but it's just not worth the time and effort to me.

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips? If so, did you like it? Or did you have some of the same problems I had? I'd love to read all about it so please feel free to comment below!