Friday, October 12, 2012

Influenster Got A Face Lift!

As most of you know, I'm a member of an amazing site called Influenster ( Members of the site can qualify for a "VoxBox", filled with new and upcoming products to test and review! And yes, it is alllll free. You can qualify by unlocking different badges based on your demographic, lifestyle, and more. I was already in love with Influenster and tried to stay as active as I could. You can tell by previous blog posts and videos on my YouTube channel that I've been blessed to receive some of those coveted VoxBoxes.

Recently, Influenster relaunched their website. It is way more interactive, with the new scoring system. Your Influenster score is updated weekly, to show how involved and active you are. There are also new badges to unlock! Everything from Expert Badges to Lifestyle Badges... too many for me to count. 

At first, the new website seemed daunting. I was used to the old layout and knew where everything was. It took a little getting used to but now I'm loving the new website. Like I said before, it is WAY more interactive. A lot more things to review, new surveys to take, and badges aplenty. I'm also finding that this new site is a lot more universal. Before, it seemed like this program was gear more toward women, but now I'm seeing Badges for Gamers, Sports Fans, and Workout Fanatics so some of the guys out there can get their hands on a VoxBox as well.

I feel so lucky to be a part of the Influenster community, and if you haven't signed up yet, go to right this second and get involved. I promise you'll love it!