Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Top 5 Lip Balms

If you didn't know, I'm slightly obsessed with lip balms. I have so many in my makeup drawer, in my purse, on my desk, etc. They're everywhere! But for some reason, regardless of how many I have, I always find a reason to get a new/different one. I mean, I need it... right?

So out of the sea of lip balms, which ones made it to my top 5? Find out after the jump!

I have a serious love affair with lip balms, and I'm constantly tempted to try a new one. Sometimes it's the cute packaging that gets me, or the name, or the scent (I'm such a sucker for those dessert scented ones).
After hoarding trying out tons of lip balms, here are the top 5 that I've continued to repurchase:

(In no particular order)

1. Chapstick

That's right, the good ol' Chapstick. The formula is smooth. It just glides on my lips, but it's not oily.   If I can get my hands on different flavors/scent like green apple or one of those limited editions (Ohh that Red Velvet Cake one that I never found), that's what I'll usually purchase. If not, then I stick to cherry or strawberry. 

2. Smith's Rosebud Salve

I'll admit it, I purchased this one completely based on the cute little vintage tin packaging. So I was pleasantly surprised how well this worked for me. The formula has a slightly more of an "oily" feel than Chapstick, but it doesn't bug me. When I put this on I can feel it moisturize my lips almost immediately. Did I mention the rose scent ? It is heavenly! Now.  if only I can find this in a twist or squeeze tube...

3. Maybelline Baby Lips

Who doesn't like a lip balm with a little bit of tint for your lips? When Baby Lips first hit the market, I made myself wait to read the review from other bloggers before purchasing. The reviews I found were pretty much 50/50. I decided "screw it! I'll just try it myself". The first ones I purchased was Quench. Didn't have any color and had a very light scent. I immediately fell in love with it. Not only the packaging is cute (again, suckered by cute packaging), and had pleasant scent, it did keep my lips from being chapped. 
After that I purchased Pink Punch (not a fan of the color), LE Twinkle & Coral Crush, and Oh!Orange!

4. EOS

I've been a fan of these cute little sphere balms for quite a while. It's organic, all natural, and very moisturizing. While other lip balms seems to get lost in the realm that is my purse, I don't ever have a problem finding my EOS balm.
My very first one was in Lemon Drop. Now Sweet Mint is my all time fave.

5. Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm & Sleep Balm

I owe this find to G of Nouveau Cheap. In one of posts she talks about the Badger Cuticle Care. It piqued my interest, so I went to Ulta and found it. Not only I brought home the Cuticle Care, I also bought the Sleep Balm and 2 cocoa butter lip balm (one in creamy cocoa and one in vanilla bean). 
I use the Sleep Balm under my nose, rub it in the temples, and on my lips at bed time, and I use the lip balm during the day.
All of their products smells so good, very moisturizing, and it's organic.