Sunday, February 9, 2014

NYC Color HD Trio Eyeshadow | Review & Demo

*Product sent to me by Influenster for review purposes

Back in December, I was sent the Jolly VoxBox (via Influenster) to review some items. Among all the products, was the NYC Color HD Trio eyeshadow. Now you all know I'm a makeup fanatic and I love testing and reviewing new poducts, so this was one of the first things I tried.

The New York Color brand is known to be affordable and mainly available in drugstores. I especially love their Liquid Lipshine. This new HD trio claims to have high color payoff and intense colors, velvet soft texture, long lasting formula, and even infused with antioxidants.

The trio I got is a neutral one called Long Beach Sands. Pretty basic with a highlight color, a medium brown, and a lighter brown. I thought it was kind of weird that they labeled the medium brown as the all over lid color and the lighter brown as the crease color... Let's breakdown what this trio offers:

High Color Payoff / Intense Colors:

I swatched the colors on my hands, both with and without primer

With primer (UD primer potion)

Without primer

As soon as I swatched the shadows (without primer), I noticed that the highlight color came out really chalky. The highlight didn't come out as chalky with I swatched it with primer. As for the medium brown and lighter brown, they were not chalky. I wouldn't say that these shadows have "high color payoff" but I didn't have to dig for the colors to show either.
without primer (left) vs with primer (right)

Velvet Soft Texture:

I've gotta hand this one to them, the shadow's texture is super smooth and soft. At first, I was worried that it'd be like the Almay softies shadow, which is amazing soft to the touch, but I can't get color from those shadows no matter how hard I try. So I was very happy to see that it's satin-y smooth and I'm still able to see color on my lids.

Long Lasting Formula:

If you watched the video review (above), you'll see that I tested out this shadow - one eye with primer and one eye without. The shadow managed to stay all day (even though fight practice) without the primer, but I did notice creasing by the end of the day. On the eye that I did apply primer, there was no creasing and the shadow stayed all day.

For $2.99, this is not a bad purchase, if you're looking for a nice trio eyeshadow for work/school/everyday. But if you want to pick this up because you're looking for high definition and intense color, I would suggest you keep searching. While this trio is soft and long lasting, it didn't deliver that high color payoff that it claims. 
Have you tried the NYC HD trio eyeshadow? What colors did you get and what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

-Stay Pretty!