Sunday, June 1, 2014

Out of the Box: Miss Manga Mascara (by L'oreal)

Ever since I read on Nouveau Cheap's blog about the Miss Manga mascara coming to the US, I've been keep my eyes peeled for it in stores. And one day, I walk into Target, and lo and behold! There it was, all in it's pink and black, and kawaii packaged glory! Needless to say, I snatched one up.
Find out my first impression after the jump!

This mascara has been out in the UK for a little while now, and the online beauty community started to buzz when we heard that it may be making it's way over to the US. Now that it's finally here, I get to do one of my favorite things as a beauty blogger - my Out of the Box review!

Before I get started, let's take a look at this mascara.

The packaging is adorable! I can't get over how cute the pink and black tube is! And I really love the little anime/manga panda, and part of me wish they printed it on the tube as well.
The packaging says that this mascara will amplify and maximize your lashes, giving you oversized volume.

The back of the packaging says that it can deliver up to 15x volume, the formula is clump-free, smudge-free, and flake-free. It also features the 360 flexor brush for an even application.
I also don't see anywhere on the packaging that this is waterproof.

The Brush:
I think the conical shape is a cool concept. The tip of the brush can fit into the inner corner of the eye while the lashes on the outer corner can still be coated by the wider part of the brush. The flexible wand reminds me of Maybelline's Mega Plush mascara wand.

The Application:
I know this is the most important part of any product review, how does it apply? So here we go.
I always curl my lashes because it grows straight down, so a few squeeze with my curler lifts them up a little. Usually with washable mascara (aka not waterproof), the formula is wet and weighs down whatever work my eyelash curler manage to do. This is always a problem for me when I'm trying out new mascara and why I generally stick to waterproof.
Did the Miss Manga mascara weigh down my lashes? I'm happy to report that it did not!!! In fact, for a washable mascara, the formula had that dry consistency like a waterproof mascara. This immediately score a point in my book. 
I think the brush will take some time to get used to, just like the Loreal's Butterfly mascara (you can see my review here). I kept on getting mascara on my eyelid because I'm not used to the brush. However, the cone-shape did provide even application. I also didn't notice any clumping (with 2 coats). 
The bottom lash application is a whole different story though... I couldn't get it to apply cleanly. It was like I was smearing mascara all over my lower lashes line, but not actually getting any of it on my lashes. And when I managed to get some product on to my actual lashes, it clumped! It was not a pretty sight. Even with the small tip part of the wand, this is not ideal for bottom lashes - at least this is the case if you have small eyes and short lashes like me. 
Wearing L'oreal's Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black

On my eyes: L'oreal Miss Manga mascara in Blackest Black

Overall, this mascara:
  • Can give you some pretty good volume without clumping (upper lashes)
  • Brush is not ideal to bottom lash application
  • Does not clump, flake,or smudge (I wore this for about 9 hours)
  • Cone-shaped brush gives you even application
  • Does not weigh down my curls
  • Doesn't really length lashes
This is the second mascara I own by L'oreal. The first one was the Butterfly Effect mascara. How does this stand up to the Butterfly mascara? It doesn't... Despite all the hype and good reviews on various blogs & online beauty chat boards, this product didn't wow me. I'm actually disappointed because I had such high hopes for this mascara, especially since I LOVE my butterfly mascara. 

Now this is just my first impression review, so my opinion could change. For the Butterfly mascara, I didn't care too much for the washable formula, but I love the waterproof formula. I'll be continuing to use this mascara - heck, I spent about $8 on it, so might as well get some use out of it, haha- and see how I feel after a couple of weeks.
Did you go out and purchase the Miss Manga mascara? Do you love it or hate it? Comment below!

-Stay Pretty!