Saturday, June 4, 2016

Beauty News with Wendy: Ashley Tisdale Launches Makeup Collection, Too Faced's New Palette, Eyeliner Stickers

In this episode of Beauty News with Wendy, I'm talking about Ashley Tisdale's new makeup line, a new palette by Too Faced, and more!

Ashley Tisdale partners with BH Cosmetics for a makeup collection

Former Disney Channel star Ashley Tisdale has partnered up with BH Cosmetics to launch her very own makeup collection. The 14 piece collection, named “Illuminate” includes 2 eyes-and-cheeks palettes, 6 lip glosses, and 6 cream lip-and-cheek tint. The collection resonates with Ashley’s love for summer and glow. In an exclusive interview with Byrdie, she says “I’m like a summer baby, so that’s where the beachy, glowy inspiration behind the line comes from.” Everything in this collection, with the exception of the lip glosses, are vegan.
The collection ranges from $9 to $18, and you can shop the collection now on

New Too Faced “Totally Cute” Customizable Palette

Too Faced just took customizing a palette to a new level. In their latest debut, the aptly named “Totally Cute” palette comes in an adorable pink case that you can decorate with stickers! Too Faced collaborated with illustrator @iscreamcolour for an extra sheet of exclusive designs. The “Totally Cute” palette comes with 9  shadows in both matte and shimmer finish - 3 neutral and 6 in vibrant shades. This palette will debut on June 19th for $36. 

Shop or Drop

Berrisom Animal Mask

We’ve all heard of sheet masks, but Berrisom has sheet masks that are animal faces and it’s adorable. The box comes w/ 7 masks made with 100% organic cotton, with  different animals and benefits For example: the Panda mask has blackberry extract and help dull skin look more lively. These masks are sold on for $21 us dollars.

Eyeliner Stickers

It’s been seen on HudaBeauty’s instagram, where she’s applying winged liner stickers on her eyes. These stickers are by makeup artist Augustine Fernandez who’s also demo-ed the stickers on his own Instagram. If you want to purchase these stickers, you can visit Augustine’s online shop at Bijoux de pele. However, the page and prices are in Portuguese so unfortunately I can’t figure out what it says. (

Product Spotlight

Vera Mona color switch (Sephora)

I first saw the Color Switch by Vera Mona in ItsJudyTime's video, and was so intrigue by how easily it took the shadow off her brushes, so I had to check it out for myself. The Vera Mona Color Switch is basically a dry sponge in a round tin, that takes shadows off your brush by swirling it around. I don't think this would work for cream shadows or any wet formula shadows. What's great about this, is that it's washable and can be used on both sides. The Color Switch can be found at Sepora for $18, or the Vera Mona website for $16. Or, if you want a more affordable alternative, you can find a dupe on the BH Cosmetics website for $8!

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