Monday, September 2, 2013

Spotted: Revlon Chalkboard Nail Art

Before heading to my friend's house for a night of games and fun, I headed to CVS to pick up a couple of things. And you know a CVS trip wouldn't be complete without a stroll down the make-up aisles. 
Since I had limited time, I only browsed the displays at the front of the store. I spotted the new Revlon chalkboard nail art!

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I've never tried any of the Revlon duo-ended nail art/nail polish before. For some reason, I've never been tempted to buy or try any of them, but when I saw this Art Major limited edition chalkboard one, I really wanted to get it. That black matte polish was just calling my name...

The display features 8 pastel colors, all accompanied with the matte black polish.

-Pass/Fail: light lime green
-Teacher's Pet: light yellow
-Straight A's: white
-Study Date: peach
-Overachiever: light pink
-Homecoming: lilac/lavender
-Spring Break: mint
-Liberal Arts: baby blue

I really wanted Spring Break because of the mint color, but they didn't have it... Since this is a limited edition, and I wasn't sure if I come across this again, I purchased Homecoming

I couldn't wait to try this, so once I got to game night at my friend's apartment, I busted out the polish and applied it to my thumb

The matte black polish is great. Very opaque with just 2 coats (and dries pretty quick). The pastel side comes with a skinny brush for drawing designs. I rarely work with a skinny brush, so it took some getting used to. Eventually, all the girls had painted their nails by the end of the night =)

Here's what mine looked like:

I tried to paint the chevron strips design on my index finger... but it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted, haha! 

All in all, I like this limited edition of the Revlon nail art collection. It's a fun little twist and and something new for me to try. Retails for &9.29 at my local CVS. 

Have you spotted the chalkboard nail art display at your local drugstore? Do you own one? Let me know by commenting below =)

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