Thursday, February 26, 2015

Out of the Box: Wet-n-Wild Brow Kit for Brunettes

*Purchased by me

When I saw this at my local Walgreen's for $1.99, I picked it up immediately. If you've been to my YouTube Channel (link here), you may have seen me without makeup in a tutorial or review video. My eyebrows can sometimes look nonexistent! They're very light, thin, and sparse. Filling in my brows is a mandatory step in my makeup routine.
I'm hoping this the brow stencils in this kit makes it easier for me to fill in my brows. Keep reading to see if this brow kit delivers!

I got this in the shade for brunettes, but they also had it for blondes and black hair. The instructions were pretty easy and self-explanatory. Choose the stencil you want, line it up using the dotted lines, and fill in with the brow pencil. For this review, I chose the medium arch stencil.

The kit comes with:

  • 1 brow pencil with a spoolie end
  • 3 brow stencils

 The brow pencil is very pigmented and quite creamy. The spoolie is great for grooming your brow into place, and brushing it out after application. I really like that the stencils weren't hard plastic. It's made of a silicon-like material so it can easily fit around the contours of your face.

After filling in my brows, I used a medium cool brown to set my brows. I'm pretty impressed with the results, and for someone who's never used a brow stencil before, I would say it was easy.

Have you seen this brow kit by Wet n Wild in stores? Or do you have a brow kit already in your makeup arsenal? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Stay Pretty!